0094 Multipurpose Wooden Base Stand Spice Rack Masala Organiser - 6 Pcs

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Multipurpose Wooden Base Stand Spice Rack Masala Organiser - 6 Pcs

It perfectly fits your cupboard, you will get perfect visibility of items.

Cereal jars will fit even in small place. You can store all variety of spices, cereals, breakfast edibles such as chocos, cornflakes and sometimes even you can store oil.

All in one cereal jar serves your needs. Easy opening lid, it is 80% air tight, which could keep the cereals fresh. Easy to dispense, just open the measuring cup, it is not necessary to open the lid to access the contents inside the jar.

Versatile Containers

Many Great Uses: These air-tight food-safe Containers are not only IDEAL for storing Cereals but they are also Perfect for storing flour, sugar, rice, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, tea and even pet food!

Clear Vision With Wide Mouth

Its bigger mouth made it more useful when it comes to store spices, powders, grains, cashews in it. You can easily pour anything in and out. Rack and pinion lid mae it air tight.


Uses: Fridge Container, Spice Container, Tea Coffee & Sugar Container, Grocery Container, Utility Box

Material: Wood, Plastic

Features: Airtight, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, Modular, Freezer Safe

  • Convenient design features make these cute mason jar salt and pepper shakers easy to use; distinct "Salt" and "Pepper" embossed labels, flow is not too stingy, not too fast
  • Upgrade your kitchen or delight friends and family with this outstanding mason jar décor gift; durable, attractive and functional, these are great salt and pepper shakers